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Sturgeon Bay, WI

Therma-Tron-X, Inc. (TTX) is a leading manufacturer of Paint Finishing Equipment, with over 50 years of experience in the industry. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. TTX is committed to providing innovative and reliable finishing solutions to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, and many others.

TTX's Paint Finishing Equipment is designed to meet the unique requirements of each customer. The company offers a comprehensive range of products, including spray booths, paint systems, ovens, conveyors, and more. Each product is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

One of TTX's core strengths is its ability to design and build customized paint finishing systems. The company's experienced engineers work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and develop a solution that meets their requirements. This customized approach ensures that customers get the most efficient and effective paint finishing system for their operations.

TTX's paint finishing systems are designed to provide superior performance while minimizing environmental impact. The company offers a range of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions that help customers reduce their carbon footprint and comply with regulatory requirements.

In addition to its product offerings, TTX provides a range of services to support its customers. The company's team of experienced technicians provides installation, training, and ongoing support to ensure that customers get the most out of their paint finishing equipment. TTX also offers maintenance and repair services, ensuring that customers' equipment is operating at peak performance.

Overall, TTX is a reliable and innovative provider of Paint Finishing Equipment, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Its commitment to customized solutions, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility has made it a trusted partner for businesses across a wide range of industries.

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